Part One - Order the Events (10pts.)

Put the following events from "The Most Dangerous Game" in order by placing the numbers 1-10 on each line.
__ Ivan dies.
__ General Zaroff tells Rainsford that hunting has gotten boring.
__ One of Zaroff's dogs falls into the pit and dies.
__ Rainsford and Whitney talk about "Ship Trap Island."
__ Rainsford kills General Zaroff.
__ Ivan answers the door and points a gun at Rainsford's heart.
__ Rainsford spends the night in a tree.
__ Rainsford jumps off a cliff to the swirling waters 20 feet below.
__ Rainsford falls into the water and swims to the island.
__ Rainsford makes a trap by leaning a large dead tree against a smaller living one.

Part Two - Vocabulary (8 pts.)

Using the words in the bank below, fill in each space.


    1. When Rainsford first saw Zaroff's giant house, he thought it was a ____.
12. When Rainsford arrived on the island, he thought he heard the cry of an animal in extreme pain or ___.
13. Rainsford balled up his fists as if his courage were something ___ that he could hold onto or touch.
14. When Ivan stumbled into Rainsford's trap, the knife ___ his skin, causing him to die.
15. Through the screen of the leafy trees, Rainsford ___ the large, looming figure of the giant Ivan.
16. Whitney and Rainsford feared Ship Trap Island because sailor ___ told them it was an evil place.
17. Rainsford faced many ___ in the jungle, including quicksand, hunting dogs, and General Zaroff.
18. At dinner, Rainsford felt Zaroff ___ at him or staring him down.

Word Bank

discerned mirage lofty lore bleak anguish gravely

lacerated abrupt leering tangible receding perils opaqueness


Part Three - Multiple Choice (10 pts.)

Circle the best answer choice for each question.

19. The __ of "The Most Dangerous Game" is an island in the Caribbean.
a. setting
b. plot
c. conflict
d. irony

20. Jamecia can't decide whether or not to do her homework or watch BET. What is she experiencing?

a. dramatic irony
b. man vs. man conflict
c. man vs. himself conflict
d. verbal irony

21. Kianti rolls his eyes and says sarcastically, "I just love it when Ms. Smith gives us homework!? " What is this an example of?
a. man vs. nature conflict
b. nonverbal irony
c. man vs. man conflict
d. verbal irony

22. Arkeem complains that English class is too hard and science is too easy. When his report card comes, he has an A in English and an F in science. This is an example of:
a. exposition
b. situational irony
c. dramatic irony
d. man vs. nature

23. Which of the following is not a type of irony?
a. dramatic irony
b. verbal irony
c. sarcastic irony
d. situational irony

24. When reading "The Most Dangerous Game," L.E. feels uncertain about what's going to happen next. This feeling is called:
a. flashback
b. suspense
c. foreshadowing
d. irony

25. If Shamonaka is fighting with her mother, what kind of conflict is she having?
a. internal conflict
b. man vs. nature
C. man vs. himself
d. external conflict

26. T. Tabb has reached the most exciting part of the story he is reading. This is called the:
a. setting
b. plot
c. denoument
d. climax

27. The order of events in a story is called the:
a. rising action
b. plot
c. exposition
d. irony

28. The conflict in a story is:
a. a struggle between opposing forces
b. a special kind of introduction
c. the end of the story
d. the things we don't expect to happen

Part Four - Plot Diagram (7 pts.)

Using the list below, write the name of each part of the plot on the appropriate line.

Insert Diagram Here when images support is available.


Parts of a Plot

falling action denoument climax rising action exposition inciting incident resolution

Part Five - Short Answer (3 pts.)

Answer each question in a COMPLETE sentence.

36. What is irony?
37. What is foreshadowing?

38. What kind of conflict is Rainsford having in "The Most Dangerous Game?"________________________________

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