The Kite Runner - Vocabulary Word Webs

This folder contains all materials needed to introduce an ongoing vocabulary word web assignment to use throughout the novel unit.

This resource is part of the The Kite Runner Unit collection.

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It is essential that students be exposed to key vocabulary from the novel before, during and after reading. This lesson presents a strategy for vocabulary study that is introduced in the first week of the unit and continues throughout the study of the novel. Students will practice using context to make predictions about new vocabulary, a detailed word web as a study tool, creating original compositions using words and culminating in a summative assessment. This lesson can be broken down into sections and completed over a number of classes. This novel unit provides a set of vocabulary words from the novel for each week. Each set comes with the context sentences and novel pages. Also, a vocabulary assessment is included for each week. This resource is part of the The Kite Runner Unit collection.
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