The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is an excellent example of Feminist text. The novel follows a Dystopian future where females that can reproduce are used like slaves. It follows many twists and turns, showing a full Dystopian environment. Often the Handmaid’s Tale is called the satire of today’s politics and a possible future for the United States.


You the reader are now involved in creating a dystopian society. As the creator of the society you must keep in mind the physical set up of your society along with laws that would be in place. So imagine your in charge of creating a society, be creative! Use Atwood's style as you explore.

Please keep in mind that this is a Feminist Science Fiction text and from the dystopian future what can you take away from the genre through this text.


The Task


Problem: There is a developing dystopian society, how do you make it stronger?

1. Read Atwood's: Handmaid's Tale.

2. After reading Margaret Atwood's, Handmaid's Tale you the students are familiar with the ideas of Dytopian societies.

3. Use this webquest to look at research of dystopian societies to obtain further knowledge of this type of society.

4. To finalize this information you will create your own dystopian society. Reflect on the novel you just read and on the provided research. Make sure you know why the elements of your society make it dystopian.

5. You will be presenting your society to the class. You can present it in terms of a poster, or a slide show. Choose one of theses mediums that you or your group can agree upon and fully develop your society.

6. After the presentation, there is a written component so please explain why you've picked aspects of your society.




The Process


1. Read Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

2. You can work in groups of three, please pick your own group. Each group member has their own role so assign roles to each


a. Questioner: It is your responsibility to constantly ask, why are these elements in your society dystopian? This will be important for the writing portion of the assignment. Keep the group in perspective.

b. Book Keeper: What about the novel did you not enjoy or like to add on too? Prompt your group members to brainstorm.

c. Developer: It is your job to help your group to develop the society and combine everyone's input, clearly format it into one society.

3. Use these sites for more Research.

a. Handmaid's Tale overview

b.Dystopian Characteristics

c.Biography of Mararet Atwood


d. Youtube video of Film Version of Handmaid's Tale
Also use the image references in the Cites and References Portion.

Other Popular Films to Reference
1. Matrix
2. 1984
3. V for Vedetta
4. Children of Men

Plan your dystopian society(Write a list of things you'd like to do and not like to do in your society start brainstorming laws)


5. Create the layout (for example you outline the punishment for those who disobey rules, or the government’s laws in your society

Your Layout should Include

a. Where are people going to live? Are they monitored? Do they live in large houses all together or seperatly?

b. What type of laws and restrictions are in place for the citizens of your world?

c. How will be get around the society?

d. Is there a policing system? A set religious system?

e. Anything extra in your society? Necessary fitness time? Yearly travel?

Please consider these in your layout and anything else you wish to include.

6. Pick one of the medium you wish to present with

a. Poster

b. Slide Show

c. If you have another idea please speak with me before continuing

7. Take your plans for your dystopian society and implement it with your choosen medium

8. Present your society to the class. (This presentation will be 8-12 Min so plan accordingly)

9. After the creation of your project write a brief 1-2 page paper on the why of your project. Why did you include some things and not others, what about your society stands out?




WrittingProject doesn't not clearly explain why elements of society were selected.Society is partially developed and is missing many justifications of selections.Well developed society, missing a few justifications for selections.Clear and well developed society, with justification and clear planning.
planningGroup members did not clearly fulfill their roles, the society does not include thoughtful preparation.Members tried to fulfill their roles but there was no clear plan for the society. Used the ideas of the novel effectively, but not their own ideas.Members all carried out their roles effectively and the society was developed according to the directions. Used their own ideas effectively.All members followed their roles and were successful as a group to create and plan a well developed project using their own ideas and the novel.
PresentationThe presentations was not presented in any medium agreed upon, the students did not split up the presentation.The selected medium is presented, but the group does not effectively break the presentation into their set roles in the group.Group presents a project in a set medium, each group member fulfills their part adequately.Group presents a fully developed society, encompassing each group member and brings in their written component.




Thank you all for creating your very own society. Your fellow students will use this in order to understand the novel in the future. Continue to examine novels in relation to other texts and ideas. I hope you’ve realized that simply because a finished reading a novel, doesn’t mean you are done learning about a novel.


1.5.11. GRADE 11- Pennsylvania

A. Write with a sharp, distinct focus.

aspects of composition.

· Use different types and lengths of


· Use precise language.

· Identify topic, task and audience.

· Establish and maintain a single

point of view.

B. Write using well-developed content

appropriate for the topic.

· Gather, determine validity and

reliability of, analyze and

organize information.

· Employ the most effective format

for purpose and audience.

· Write fully developed paragraphs

that have details and information

specific to the topic and relevant

to the focus.

C. Write with controlled and/or subtle


D. Write with a command of the stylistic

· Sustain a logical order throughout

the piece.

· Include an effective introduction

and conclusion.


E. Revise writing to improve style, word

choice, sentence variety and subtlety

of meaning after rethinking how

questions of purpose, audience and

genre have been addressed.


F. Edit writing using the conventions of


· Spell all words correctly.

· Use capital letters correctly.

· Punctuate correctly (periods,

exclamation points, question

marks, commas, quotation marks,

apostrophes, colons, semicolons,

parentheses, hyphens, brackets,


G. Present and/or defend written work for

publication when appropriate.

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