This unit makes use of the "Sims" family developed in Unit 1 to extend learning into different conceptual domains. They will find the percentage of their income they spend on various budget categories and then use these figures as a springboard into discussions comparing those figures to the average American family. They will also compare and contrast these figures with families from cultures across the globe. They will determine their income tax bracket, budget for a family road trip, use 2-variable equations to predict income over time, and use class data to create scatter plots and generate simple statistical measures for the class economy.

In sum, this unit seeks to solidify student conceptual understanding and engagement in topics of the 7th grade curriculum that are often considered dull, uninteresting, and completely divorced from the students' actual experience.

This folder contains all of the files students will need for all of the activities in this unit.
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This folder contains all of the resources a teacher needs to teach through this unit, including a pacing guide, lesson plans, and all resources.
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