Voices Of History by the Bill of Rights Institute

Heroes and Villains

Founders and the Constitution

Being an American (ELL)

"In this lesson, students will explore the structure, purpose, and significance of the Declaration of Independence. Students will analyze the concepts of inalienable or natural rights and government by consent to begin to understand the philosophical foundations of America’s constitutional government.
Handout A: The Declaration of Independence
Handout B: Key Excerpts (Versions 1 and 2)
Handout C: The Structure of the Declaration
Handout D: The Declaration, the Founders, and Slavery (Versions 1 and 2)
Handout E: Slavery Essay
Handout F: Comparing the Second Civil Treatise of Government to the Declaration of Independence (Versions 1 and 2) Handout G: Glossary
Handout H: Close Reading Test (Parts 1 and 2) Founding Principles ELL Worksheets Answer Key
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