When Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett collaborated with the Commercial Club of Chicago in 1909 to create a dramatic vision for the greater Chicago Region they took on the task with vigor and sustained commitment. The Burnham Plan Centennial group is made up of organizations that include the Adler Planetarium, the American Planning Association, and the University of Chicago. Visitors can get a sense of their work by clicking on the "About the Centennial" section. Here they can learn about upcoming events and lectures sponsored by member organizations, their staff members, and their press releases. Moving on, the "Our History, Our Future" area includes links to the complete original 1909 Plan, along with links to the "Virtual Burnham" project at Lake Forest College and information about current exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago. Finally, the "Learning Resources" area is a gem, and visitors can view classroom resources, a bibliography of books and web publications on the Plan of Chicago, and a kids' portal.

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