Following the Civil War, the United States would established itself as a world economic power. The promises of freedom and opportunity offered by the United States would attarct many immigrants to the country. These demographic and economic changes created social pressure which lead progressive reformers to advocate for changes to government. During this period, Congress would passed various reform laws, including Constitutional amendments which would fundamentally alter the functioning of Congress. Additonally, Congressional rules would change in such a way that would change the internal working of Congress. This lesson examns this period of congressional history and the impact of these reforms on the legislative process.
Lesson plan PDF includes all handouts:
Handout A: Background Essay
Handout B: Student Reading Guide
Handout C: Problem Solving Chart—Articles of Confederation
Handout D: The United States Constitution
Handout E: Student Note Guide—Separation of Powers
Handout F: Class Notes
Handout G: Checks and Balances
Handout H: Excerpts of Federalist No. 51
Handout I: Excerpts of Federalist No. 57
Answer Key
Introductory Essay Founding Principles, Virtues, and Glossary
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