Teaching about Syria - A Collection of Resources

Teaching with the News: The Conflict in Syria: http://www.choices.edu/resources/twtn/twtn_syria.php

Students will:

  • Work in groups to research the perspectives of a variety of domestic and international actors on the conflict in Syria.
  • Understand the effects of the conflict and the possible risks of escalation.
  • Consider the challenges facing the international community as it weighs its response to the conflict.

I Am Syria Lesson Toolkit: http://www.iamsyria.org/

This Teach Syria educational toolkit is designed by teachers forteachers, and allows you to feel comfortable teaching about Syria without having to feel like you are an expert—within a 40-minute lesson plan. Our hope is that these ready-to-use, Common Core-friendly materials will help to bring in-depth foreign policy education to your classroom, highlighting history in action via a contemporary global and humanitarian issue, allowing your students to learn in a new interactive way geared towards a millennial audience. 

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