The Electricity and Magnetism unit covers Static Electricity, Current Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetism.  The unit is structured around the lab work and in-class activities.  Many of the activities are inquiry based.  They attempt to allow students to discover the laws of science involved in the unit. Everything has been provided as a Word 1997-2004 .doc document and as a PDF.  This redundancy is in case the formatting fails to download properly.



The Electricity and Magnetism unit should be proceeded by:

  • Basic atomic structure unit
  • Introduction to the periodic table unit
  • Bonding unit:  including valence electron
  • Work, energy, power, and simple machines unit



1.  Topics to be taught:


Static Electricity and Charge: 

  • Atoms and charge
  • Electric Forces
  • Polarization of charge
  • Charging techniques: Conduction, Friction, Induction
  • Electric discharge
  • Difference in charge causes charge to flow
  • All charge wants to go to the ground


Current Electricity:

  • Potential Difference / Voltage
  • Producing Electric Current
  • Alternating and Direct Current
  • Resistance
  • Batteries and Cells
  • Electric Power
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Ohm's Law



  • Magnetic properties: Poles, Domains, Field Lines
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Interactions between magnets
  • Types of Magnets
  • Earth as a Magnet



  • Magnetic force and electric current
  • Applications of Electromagnetism: Motors, Speakers, etc...


2.  Skills to be taught:

  • Communication: oral and written
  • Comprehension: listening and reading
  • Computation
  • Critical thinking
  • Experimentation: conducting, data analysis, design
  • Observation
  • Creating Tables
  • Unit conversions
  • Notetaking



The entire unit should take about three weeks to complete for a class that meets 200 minutes a week.  The timing of the unit revolves around the lab work and in-class activities.  The lab/activities are arranged in numerical order.  The #5 activity, Jurassic Park, and the #4 activity, Potential Difference and Circuits can be interchanged.  The review games prepare students for the group quiz and unit exam.  The games work best the day before each assessment.

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