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TFA Middle School Social Studies

Resources for teaching middle school social studies, created by Teach for America teachers and alumni.

Social Studies 7

by Robert Lucas
This is a 7th grade social studies curriculum originally taught at KIPP: Gaston College Prep in Gaston, NC.

Units include:

  • Unit 0: Rules, Procedures & Themes
  • Unit 1: Belief Systems
  • Unit 2: Empire
  • Unit 3: Battles for Independence I
  • Unit 4: Battles for Independence II
  • Unit 5: Genocide
  • Unit 6: China
  • Unit 7: Middle East
  • Unit 8: DBQ (Document Based Question) Writing
  • Unit 9: Development
  • Unit 10: DBQ Week
This course also includes a packet of work to be completed during spring break, as well as enrichment lessons on jazz.
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by Robert Lucas
Resources for teaching about Europe in Middle School Social Studies
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