A resource I am trying to biuld up so I can intorduce a unit on sustainability into a year 9 - 10 engineering course.

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Today's Lesson: Better Classroom Design

by Blake Architecture For Humanity

The materials contained here were developed in tandem with Architecture for Humanity's 2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classrooms, in keeping with the standards outlined here. The 2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom is inviting architects, designers, students, teachers and parents to imagine the classroom of the future. The Open Architecture Challenge is an open, international design competition. It is hosted once every two years on the Open Architecture Network. This year with partner Orient Global, the challenge is focusing on classroom upgrading and design. Anyone can participate and the winning design will receive $50,000 for their school. To learn more, or to enter the competition, visit: http://www.openarchitecturechallenge.org Teachers and students know what makes a classroom work, lets them design the classroom of the future. To make this happen we have an exclusive student and teacher resources page http://openarchitecturenetwork.org/competitions/challenge/2009/teacher
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