Before implementing this lesson, the students should have extended knowledge on the concepts of suicide. They should be familiar with basic terms related to the topic, such as what suicide is exactly, and should have read the material related to the following concepts:

  • The statistics of suicide
  • The Myths of suicide
  • How to assess lethality
  • Risk Factors
  • Warning signs


Students are previously taught to navigate through the PostSecret website in order to post their own messages.

Students are also familiar with the Survey Monkey website and have taken previous surveys on it.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

  • Knowing the difference between myths and facts of suicide
  • Understand who the at risk populations are
  • Improving ability to see warning signs
  • Learning the difference between high lethality vs. low lethality and how to assess it
  • Ability to talk about suicide openly and without taboos


Guiding Question:

  • What have you heard about suicide?
  • How has suicide affected your life or the life of someone you know?
  • How would you act if someone you know was hinting at suicide?



  • Computers with internet access for all the students
  • Internet survey program
  • PowerPoint program
  • Access to website (



  1. Students will take a survey about the known myths of suicide (talk about each myth after survey)
- 10 minutes

2. Teacher will provide background in dealing with suicide

- 10 minutes

3. Teacher will provide statistical facts, and briefly explain at risk groups and warning signs

  • 10 minutes
4. Students will take a survey about class' experiences with suicide (

  • 10 minutes
5. Teacher will explain how to assess lethality

  • 10 minutes
6. Have class look at PostSecret blog website; students will get into pairs and share their opinions on different posts that have stood out to them, and they will then share with the class one post that stood out the most.

- 30 minutes

- The remainder of the class will be spent discussing questions and concerns students have about suicide.

7. Homework: write a post on PostSecret website (



  • Teacher will display rates of online survey about suicide myths
  • Teacher will display rates of online survey about students' experience with suicide
  • Teacher will discuss the PostSecret blog reading with the class, in order to analyze the student's understanding of suicide in the real world
  • Teacher will review the participation of the students in the PostSecret blog posting homework by discussing their experience with it the next day in class


Answer Key or Rubric:

  • Based on student's participation on the online surveys and their post on the PostSecret website. (subject to teacher's perception of the degree of student's participation and comprehension level).
Benchmark or Standards:

  • Subject: AP Psychology
  • Benchmark Standards: H.19.2

    Students identify criteria for evaluating effective treatment, including reduced psychological symptoms, and credibility of treatment.

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