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Computer Applications 7  Mrs. Scharf


Suggestions for Researching Your Topic

The following categories will give you a good idea of the type of information I’m looking for:


·        Real name (if applicable)

·        Date of birth

·        Date of death (if applicable)

·        Education

·        Family Information

·        How career got started

·        When and what awards won, if any



·        What company provides (goods or services)

·        When it started

·        How it got started

·        Who are its leaders

·        Where its main headquarters are and where branches are

·        Some statistics for recent sales



·        Species

·        Country of origin

·        Where it lives

·        What it eats

·        How it gets along with humans and other animals

·        Mating habits

·        Sleeping habits

·        How many babies it has at a time

·        How long it lives

·        Any unusual facts



·        Country of origin

·        Rules of the game

·        Equipment needed

·        Where it is played

·        Famous players

·        Awards you can get for playing sport well



·        Where located (country, continent)

·        Who it was named after

·        When it was founded

·        Climate

·        Famous places to visit

·        Things to do

·        Products it is known for

·        Religion

·        Industry

·        Customs



·        Who invented it

·        When it was invented

·        What it does

·        How it works

·        Did it change the world?  How?

·        Why is it important?



·        When did (does) it take place?

·        Where did (does) it take place?

·        Why did (does) it take place?

·        Who was (is) involved in the event?

·        How did (does) it take place?

·        Why was (is) it important?










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