2. Hit -- Titanic, Achilles heel, mercury image, and update general
  3. Yesterday -- Belief systems grow out of basic needs
    1. - belief systems have a lot in common with one another -- solve problems!!!!
    2. - also DANGEROUS -- stories can be false; stories can teach us to believe unhealthy things
    3. What -- how myths and folktales are still alive in USA, How - read, skel, partners
  4. Essential question: “Do I know where all of my beliefs came from? Am I in total control of what I believe?”

Introduction of New Material:

  1. Pre-reading routine
  2. Paired reading
  3. Above and beyond

Guided Practice:

  1. Tree Map

Independent Practice:

  1. Back side of classwork sheet
  2. Show me: Native Americans w/ common version told vs. Americans on Thanksgiving
  3. Discussion -- “Am I in total control of what I believe?”


  1. Take home message: stories still alive; not all stories are good stories.
  2. Word wall (Timeline) -- Creation of Greek myths; Creation of African folkstories
  3. Vocab cards
  4. Exit slip: “When might it be important for you to know major Greek myths?”
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