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Directions: For #’s 1-5, put a ............. if you know the italicized word or if you have heard it before. Put a ............ if you have never heard it before.

1. By lunch time, her appetite was titanic. _
2. The lineman won the MVP award because of his herculean strength. _
3. Spelling was always his Achilles heel. _
4. Many fifth graders were tantalizingly close to earning their first trip. _
5. Most other students were jealous of her; she seemed to have the Midas touch. _

6. To be happy we need to feel safe. Cultures around the world make people feel safe by creating c of b .

7. We also tend to be happier if we feel like our life has a sense of p __.

8. Religions include beliefs about g _ and have been w _ d .

9. Myths also include stories about g _ but they are passed down _.

10. Folktales teach a lesson but do not talk about g . They are also passed down .

    1. All belief systems (including religions) try and do two things:

Student Jobs: Yesterday we learned about the important jobs of return captains. Today we tackle the update general. The update general is responsible for taking an extra copy of any Do Now, Classworks, and Homeworks for absent students. The update general uses Mr. Lindy’s seating chart to determine who is not here. At the end of the class, the update general writes the student’s name on the stapled packet and leaves it in the class makeup bin.
Copy JUST today’s vocabulary words. Leave the definitions for homework.
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Above and Beyond: Where have you seen this symbol before? If you have seen it in multiple places, list as many as you can!
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