Stone Fox Lesson Plan Aid

Author: John Reynolds Gardiner

Subject: Sled dog racing

Setting: Wyoming, USA, early 1900s

"Stone Fox" is the story of a boy, his dog, and a dog sled race they must win to save the family farm. Stone Fox is the undefeated racer they have to beat.

Lexile Measure: 550L
Grade Level: 3
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Historical
Gender of Character: Male

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In the story, Little Willy enters a dogsled race. He hopes to win the prize money in order to save the farm for himself and his grandfather. Think of a time you were in a competition and how you felt. Remember what it was like to compete. Write about the experience of being in a competition.

An unpleasant situation can sometimes lead to an important discovery. In the middle of the book Willy discovers the reason for Grandfather's illness when he and Searchlight are threatened. Write a paragraph explaining how Willy discovers the cause of Grandfather's illness.
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