Finishing writing, balance and identify the type of reaction each of the following is: (6pts each):

  1. Type of RXN: __________________

Pb2O3 + Al ?

2. Type of RXN: __________________

NH4Cl ? 3. Type of RXN: ____________________

C2H6 + O2 ?

PROBLEMS (10pts each!)
4. Mr. Maddin and Donald Williams are working in the lab. They find that the mass of their product was 45g, however, using “stoich” they thought it should be 123g. What was their % yield?

5. Jeremy and Rudy are in the lab (look out!) and they react 500g Iron (III) Sulfide with excess Iodine gas, how many grams of Sulfur do they produce?

6. Ingrid is trying to impress a boy (a boy who shall remain nameless) with her Chemistry knowledge. She combusts 500g of cyclooctane. How many molecules of water did she produce?

7. You begin with 45.76 g of salt and an unlimited supply of Lead (III) Oxide. How many grams of Lead (III) Chloride are produced? Oh yeah, Lead (III) Oxide and salt don’t react with one another.
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