Students will participate in a variety of projects based on spring. They will plant a flower, make a daffodil, make a bird feeder and go on a spring hunt.

Lasting Ideas & Results:

Students will have a better understanding of spring and all the things that happen in nature during this time of year..

Essential Question(s):

What happens in nature during the spring?

Desired Learner Outcomes:

Students will be able to...
Students will know...
Go on a hunt for spring in the garden.Signs of spring.
Make a bird feeder.How to help wild life.
Make a daffodil.Spring flowers.
Plant flower seeds.Planting seeds.


Creation & Performance: 2.1, 2.4, Elements & Principles: 3.1

Daily Engagement Activities:

Lesson Number Description of Activities
Day 1Students will learn all the things a plant needs to grow. They will decorate a cup and plant some flower seeds in them.
Day 2 Students will string cheerios on a string to make a bird feeder to hang on the trees outside for the birds.
Day 3Students will create a daffodil.
Day 4Go on a spring hunt and see what plants are growing.

Summative Assessment(s):

Describe Performance Tasks
Explain &/or Reference Criteria
Flower PotsStudents will be assessed on how they decorate their pots and plant their seeds.
Bird feederStudents will be assessed on how they make their bird feeder and hang it outdoors.
DaffodilStudents will be assessed on how they create their daffodil.
Spring HuntStudents will be assessed on how many of the items they find on their spring hunt.


Pre-Requisite Knowledge & Skills:

They should know spring is begining and some of the characteristics of spring.


Flower Pot:

  1. Students will first decorate a styrofoam cup with permanent markers.
  2. When they are are finished they will fill their cup with soil and put in a few marigold seeds.
  3. They will talk about how the seeds need water and sun to grow.
  4. The plants will hopefully be grown by mothers day and the students can give them to their mom's if they chose.
Bird Feeder:

  1. Students will each get a string with one cheerio tied at the end. (this keeps the cheerios from falling off)
  2. They will string on as many cheerios as they can.
  3. Toward the end of class the teacher will tie the ends and we will all go outside and find a tree to hang our birdfeeders from.

  1. Students will trace and cut out a flower shape on yellow paper.
  2. Then they will glue on a muffin liner in the middle to look like the center of a daffodil.
  3. They can add a stem and leaves out of green construction paper.
  4. Projects will be hung on the bulletin board.
Spring Hunt:

  1. Students will each get a scavenger hunt sheet and a crayon.
  2. We will review all the item on it.
  3. We will discuss behavior in the garden.
  4. We will go outside and the students can find items on the list and check them off as they find them.
  5. After we get back inside we can talk about all the things we saw and all the signs of spring.

Flower Pots:

  • styrofoam cups
  • permanent markers
  • dirt
  • seeds (marigold)
Bird Feeders:

  • cheerios
  • string

  • yellow and green paper
  • flower tracer
  • muffin liners
  • glue
  • scissors
Spring Hunt:

  • spring hunt sheets
  • crayon


Modifications, Adaptations, & Accommodations:

Teacher will assist one on one where needed.


These projects are great for the spring because the students are just begining to understand the seasons and the characteristics spring.

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