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Solar System Assessment (doc)

Solar System Assessment (pdf)

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Solar System Assessment Rubric (doc)

Solar System Assessment Rubric (pdf) ]

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Astronomy Assessment
Lessons: The Solar System

Travel Brochure
Select one of the seven planets other than Earth or one of the moons in the Solar System. Design a travel brochure for your selected travel destination, including basic facts and descriptions of places of interest.


In your brochure you must include the following information:

  • The conditions on your travel destination (what is the weather like, so that I know what to pack; are there oceans, should I bring a swimsuit; do I need to bring extra sunscreen because it’s incredibly sunny; should I bring extra water because it’s really hot; should I bring a down jacket because it’s really cold; etc...)
  • What are the local attractions (these should be real objects or things or places that can be found on your planet) – include at least two
  • Where can people stay (this will require a map or diagram of your planet with at least one local hotel—you should make up the hotel and any features it has)
  • What can people eat (based on what you know about your planet, discuss some of the local food that people can enjoy while visiting)—you need to include at least three local dishes
  • Three images of your planet/local accommodations/local attractions/etc
  • You must have three resources that you use for your research and include a bibliography in your brochure
  • You must prepare a five minute presentation of your travel destination and brochure

Your “brochure” can take a variety of forms. You could:

  • Design a commercial
  • Create a travel poster
  • Create a paper pamphlet
  • Create a travel journal, pretending you’ve been to this place already
  • Create a photo slide show of you visiting your planet
  • Or anything else you can think of...


  • You need to choose your destination by the end of the day on Wednesday, October 14th
  • You will present on Tuesday, October 20th. Note – your presentation can take a variety of formats: song, interpretive dance, slide show, speech, etc.
  • You must submit your “brochure” at the end of your presentation.
  • In addition to your brochure, you need to have one prop for your presentation. Note – your prop can be anything from a map, a picture, a taste of the local cuisine or anything else you like.
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