Collection of lesson plans for teaching social studies concepts using interactive whiteboard technology (including SMARTboard, Promethean ActivInspire, etc.).

This is a link to an interactive community site. The site is complete with lesson plans and activities that center around the use of an interactive white board.
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Using Smartboard, this lesson plan covers the life of John Brown, in which students will learn how John Brown illustrated the growing differences between the North and South.
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In this lesson, students will analyze the experience of the newly Freedmen in the late 19th century to determine whether or not Reconstruction was a success or failure.
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This lesson will focus on differences in geography, economy, technology, labor, and government.
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Gr. 10 Smartboard Lessons for Global History 2009-2010

by Sue Costagliola East Meadow School District
create several lessons that will utilize Smartboard technology to help enliven the 10th grade Global History curriculum. Each lesson will have an organized lesson plan along with worksheets and assessment for teachers to use in the future.
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This resource was created using the Nortel LearniT 6E + S lesson plan template. It addresses timekeeping using angles and the sun.
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Causes of the Civil War

by Nassau BOCES
This smartboard notebook lesson plan allows students to follow the course of events that led up to the Civil War.
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