These are the slides for the webinar recorded October 10, 2008. Description: Technicians, technologists, and engineers use knowledge, skills and the engineering method to make stuff: tools, structures, processes- to solve problems. They use available resources such as time, materials and labor to do so. As a group, females are more likely to want to use a tool to do something: solve a problem, make a product, streamline a chore- than to want to use the tool for its own sake. If women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities participated in the U.S. science, engineering, and technology workforce in parity with their percentages in the total workforce population, it would give America almost all the qualified workers it will need. Girls make great technicians, technologists and engineers! Women have a long history of using tools and materials to solve the problems of feeding, sheltering and clothing their families. Join us on Oct 10 and learn effective strategies for recruiting women into technology programs, the major career motivators, examples of what technicians, technologists and engineers can do that might appeal to young girls, and some of the reasons that girls turn away from the field. Celeste Baine is the director of the Engineering Education Service Center (EESC) which provides information resources to promote, guide, and stimulate interest in engineering and technology. EESC offers consultation, workshops, and publications that apply across all technical fields. Celeste is the award-winning author of four books including the popular title, Is There an Engineer Inside You?

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