English 10 Short Story Evaluation


Title of Story:___________________________________

1. In your story, put a check in the margin next to a paragraph in which you use good description with vivid imagery. Put an X above each sense (touch, smell, etc.) that you use.

2. Put a smiley face next to your best section of dialogue.

3. Underline a passage of your story that shows internal conflict.

4. Double-underline a passage that shows external conflict.

5. Put a star in the margin next to the climax of your story.

6. In the space below, tell why you chose this title for your story.

7. What part of your story are you most proud of?

8. What was the most difficult part of this assignment for you?

9. If you had this assignment to do over again, what would you change about it?

10. What grade do you think you deserve on this and why?

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