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Short Story Recipe

You are going to “cook up” a recipe for the ideal short story. The ingredients for this recipe should be a combination of the elements of short stories that an author has to use, and some elements that vary from story to story. Because this is a recipe, these ingredients need to be measured out (2 cups of… 1 tablespoon of… a dash of… a pinch of…) and these measurements should reflect the importance you see them in your recipe. Keep in mind that even the smallest ingredient in a dish can have a big impact on the taste of the dish. After you have listed the ingredients of your recipe, you will need to give the instructions of how to mix, prepare, and cook your meal. The order, amount, and method of preparing, mixing, and cooking your ingredients also affect the “taste” of your dish.
The three components of the assignment are:
• a name for your dish
• a list of ingredients with measurements
• instructions for how to mix, prepare, and cook your recipe

The ingredients as well as the cooking instructions should creatively demonstrate your understanding of short story elements, as well as your personal opinions about the types of stories you enjoy.
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