English 10B Short Story Project

So far we have read the following short stories:
[Insert story titles]

Of these, choose one that you would like to do the project on. Your assignment will be to:
• Create a soundtrack for the story
• Create 3 or more illustrations to fit with main events in the story
• Write a script or storyboard of a main event in the story

? Burn a CD or record a tape of 6-10 songs that fit with a major theme, mood, or a character in the story.
? Create a package for the final product, with art or photography that is appropriate
? Write ½ page about why you chose these songs, using examples from the story
WARNING: All songs must be appropriate in language and content. If something may be objectionable, please check with me. If I find anything inappropriate, you will automatically receive a zero on the project.

? Create 3 drawings, collages, or other original art that illustrate major events in the story. Each must be at least 8 ½ by 11 inches. Notebook paper will not be accepted.
? At the top or bottom of each page, place a caption that identifies the event that you are illustrating (you may use a passage from the story)

? Take an event from the story and create a script so that the scene could be acted out on stage or screen
? Make sure you use stage directions to describe the nonverbal action that is taking place
? Add information about the set design and costumes
? If you are doing a storyboard, divide a poster board into squares. In each square, illustrate one camera shot of your scene
? Each square should have a short description of the action (at the bottom), and a rough drawing of the placement of the characters, props, etc.

This project is worth 40 points, and will be due on _______________________

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