Shape Sorter Interactive Activity

This activity allows the user to explore Venn Diagrams and their various applications. This activity would work well in groups of two for about thirty to forty-five minutes if you use the exploration questions and fifteen to twenty minutes otherwise. By
One simple instruction you likely give a computer almost daily is instructions for a search using an online search engine. You can use your knowledge of how to logically communicate with a computer to produce better search results! When creating instructions for a computer, you have to keep in mind the type of instructions a computer can follow--or computer programming logic--for example, Boolean logic. Boolean logic (named after George Boole) uses certain simple key terms to help the computer include or exclude subjects in its searches. These include:


Venn diagrams provide a good visual when thinking about these operators. Try this Shape Sorter activity to understand even better. Choose your rule (instruction to the computer, or algorithm) and then try to arrange the shapes in the circles accordingly. Or, guess the rule the computer chooses for you.



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