Unit 6: China

Lesson 5.1 Sources of Nazism


Web Quest: When you read literature from another cultural setting, comprehension can be a challenge. What does the setting look like? Why do the characters think and behave the way they do? Have you had similar problems? In their shoes, would you have made the same decisions? Just as knowing a language will help you to understand a person's message, understanding the culture of a time and place will deepen your interpretation of the literature, and strengthen your connections to the march of humanity.

  • Work together with your team to create a 10-minute presentation about the novel Of Nightingales That Weep. This interdisciplinary project combines the skills of reading, interpretation, research, writing, visual art, and speaking.
Your oral presentation, combined with your writing and a poster as a focal point, will help your classmates understand their study of Japan and its place in world history.

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