Learning Experience 11: Reseeding



For the class:

Grass seed

3 hand rakes

Chart paper*

Felt tip markers*


*provided by teacher


Watering cans/containers will need to be collected for reseeding. You may want students to investigate/research the appropriate methods for reseeding a grassy area.

Evaluation Strategy:

Students will explain the importance of reseeding their study plots.




Objective: Students will reseed the area of their study plot that was dug up and explain why replacing this seed is so important to the environmental balance.

After removing a section of earth to study, what should we do to preserve the community?

Explain to the students that we must study the natural world without ruining the environmental balance. Ask students to brainstorm a list of actions/precautions that scientists must take while studying the environment and record on chart paper.

Sample list:

1. They must not injure plants or animals.

2. Scientists must also not disfigure the environment while studying it.

3. It is also important for scientists to use no more than his/her share of resources. Scientists must also leave work areas neat for the next user.

Explain that students will be reseeding the area of soil that they remove. Grass seed will be scattered over the area, and the soil then must be watered. Use the hand rakes to help scatter the grass seed.

If the weather conditions are very dry, ask students to water the newly seeded patches periodically.

Discussion Questions:

Why must scientists be careful to leave the natural world the way they found it?

What are some ways man can help keep the natural world free of harm?

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