Learning Experience 6: Plot Observation #2


For each pair of students:

2 Student Activity Sheets for Learning Experience 6

Study plot*

For a group of four students:


Soil thermometer

*provided by teacher

Read the background information in the Teacher’s Manual. (Please see PDF) A mini lesson on how to read a thermometer may be necessary. Also, indicate to students how to hold the thermometer for accurate readings. Students should not hold the bulb of the thermometer when trying to gather air temperature.

Basic Skills Development:

Recording Data

Evaluation Strategy:

Students will carefully observe their study plot and record data concerning temperature, plants and animals, and transients.







Objective: Students will observe their study plot and record data on their plot concerning temperature of air and soil, plant and animals, and present transients.

What living and nonliving things can be observed over a period of time in a specific environment?

Students are to carefully observe their study plot for a second time. This time, however, students are gathering temperature data and recording any changes in plant and animal life. Two student groups are to share an air and soil thermometers. Students are also recording any transients in their study plots. Explain that a transient organism is an organism that only temporarily resides in that plot. They may have noticed an organism that was there before but is no longer there.

Students should again observe their plot for approximately 20 minutes. Discuss observations as a class.

Have students complete the Student Activity Sheet for Learning Experience 6.

STUDENT ACTIVITY SHEET for Learning Experience 6


Plot Observation #2

After carefully observing your study plot, supply the following information.

Date: __________________

Time: __________________

Weather Conditions
Temperature of Air
Temperature of Soil
Plants Present
Animals Present
Any Transients

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