Unit Overview

This unit provides students with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the interdependence of the natural world through careful observation of a given area in the schoolyard. Special emphasis will be placed on observing, describing, collecting data, interpreting data, and discussing.


This unit may take about seven weeks to complete depending upon the goals of the teacher and interests of the students. Use of the section included in this manual called More Ideas may extend the time span of this kit.

Materials to be obtained locally:

Please make one student activity book for each student. (Please see PDF)


map of schoolyard




felt tip markers



books on insects

13 cm x 20.5 cm (5” x 8” ) index cards

research books

chart paper

metric ruler

meter stick

scotch tape


Remind student to wash their hands after handling any of the materials in the kit.

About the Format

Each learning experience is numbered and titled. Under each title is the objective for the learning experience.

Each learning experience page has two parts. The first part lists materials, preparations, basic skill processes, evaluation strategy, and vocabulary. The evaluation strategy is for the teacher to use when judging the student’s understanding of the learning experience.

The other part begins with a “Focus Question” which is typed in italicized print. The purpose of the “Focus Question” is to guide the teacher’s instruction toward the main idea of the learning experience. The “Focus Question” is not to be answered by the students. The learning experience includes direction for students, illustrations, and discussion questions. These questions can be used as a basis for class interaction.

An optional Student Assessment has been included in this Science Kit.

You can find all the necessary Background Information in this PDF

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