Classifying: Arranging or distributing objects, events, or information in classes according to some method or system.

Communication: Giving oral and written explanations or graphic representations of observations.

Creating Models: Displaying information by means of graphic illustrations or other multi-sensory representations.

Formulating Hypothesis: Constructing a proposition or assumption of what is thought likely to be true based on reasoning, which serves as a tentative testable theory.

Gathering & Organizing: Collecting information about objects and events which show a specific situation.

Generalizing: Drawing general conclusions from information.

Identifying Variables: Recognizing the characteristics of objects or events which are constant or change under different conditions.

Inferring: Making a statement or conclusion based on reasoning or prior experience to explain an observation.

Interpreting Data: Analyzing information that has been collected and organized by describing apparent patterns or relationships in the information.

Making Decisions: Choosing an alternative from among several and basing the judgment on defendable reasons.

Manipulating Materials: Handling or treating materials, equipment or procedures skillfully and effectively.

Measuring: Making quantitative observations by comparing to a standard.

Observing: Becoming aware of an object or even by using any of the senses to identify properties.

Predicting: Making a forecast or estimate of what future events or conditions may occur.

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