Sarah, Plain and Tall Lesson Plan Aid

Author: Patricia MacLachlan

Subject: Stepmother, frontier and pioneer life

Setting: farm, prairie, USA, 1800s

Sarah travels from her home in Maine to a Midwestern farm in response to a widowed farmer's advertisement for a wife. She misses her home but decides to remain with the farmer and his children because, in time, her affection for them outweighs her longing for home.

Lexile Measure: 560L
Grade Level: 3
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Historical
Gender of Character: Female

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In the story, Caleb, Anna and Papa write letters to Sarah. Their letters ask Sarah questions about what she can do, what she likes, and what her life in Maine is like. Sarah writes back with her answers. Think about someone you would like to write to in order to discover more about him or her. Write a paragraph explaining who you would write to and what you would like to know about that person.

When a tragic event has occurred, people need comfort and reassurance. In the story, Caleb asks Anna to retell the story of the day he was born. Write a paragraph that tells what Anna said to Caleb about the day he was born.
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