Here is where a contributing member typed content into Step 2 of the "from scratch" form using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

A member can even create a table by clicking that button in the WYSIWYG toolbar:

Type of Content
Purpose of Content
A member can also insert an image from his computer by clicking that button in the WYSIWYG toolbar:


Members can also format text content using the WYSIWYG toolbar, including bold, Italics, or underline. Text can be made larger or smaller. It can be colored in red, green, purple, or anything the member chooses.

Members can use either

  • bulleted lists
  • or
if they prefer, members can use

  1. numbered lists
  2. like this one.
Important text can be highlighted using a wide range of colors.

You can even insert a line rule like this:
Take advantage of the WYSIWYG capabilities to make your wiki content visually match its intended purpose!

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