This folder in the Sample Collection demonstrates another "level" of content organization available to members who are contributing and organizing content on Curriki. This folder-level resource was created by clicking "Build Up" for the Sample Collection, and choosing the last option in the contribute menu: "A folder where I'll organize resources"; the folder is a containing resource that can hold other folders or individual file resources.

Collection Contents

Sample Unit Folder

by Jennifer Begonia

Contained within "Sample Course Collection" is this folder-level resource, "Sample Unit Folder." If you copy this folder or the whole Sample Course Collection to use as a structured template, you can replace this description of Sample Unit Folder with a high-level outline of the material or learning objectives covered in this unit of the course. Click the Information tab to edit this description text. Unit 1 is an example of a folder that contains other folders (Lessons 1-3) and also a basic resource (Introduction to Unit 1).
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