Describe the context for this lesson, and any pertinent information such as time required (one class period or two?), pre-requisites for student knowledge or skills, etc.


What should students know and be able to do?

  • Insert the first learning objective for your lesson here.
  • Insert the next learning objective here.
  • Insert the next learning objective here.
  • Etc.

  1. Review what you covered in the previous lesson, connecting it to the topic of this lesson.
2. Introduce the content of this lesson.

3. Initiate a discussion about the concepts this lesson explores, using the following questions:

Question 1

Question 2

4. Facilitate the first learning activity.

5. Ask students questions to ensure they're ready to move on to the next section of the lesson.

6. Etc.


Here you can describe your assessment strategy for evaluating student learning based on the lesson's objectives. What are the specific and measurable outcomes for checking students' new knowledge and skills?

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