The Company

Defined Learning is a K-12 educational media company that combines technology, creativity, and curriculum expertise to provide useful and relevant products to schools. Defined Learning's flagship service, Defined STEM, is a platform that enables teachers to provide application of knowledge to students through the use of project based learning, real world careers and meaningful reading and writing activities.
The Team

Johnjoe Farragher
CEO and Founder

In 2001 Johnjoe oversaw the development and growth of the first online educational video delivery site, United Streaming. Under his guidance the service was implemented into 70 percent of US schools. As CEO of Defined Learning, Johnjoe identified a void in the marketplace and decided to fill that void by focusing efforts to build a service that truly supports STEM initiatives by providing tools for students to apply classroom knowledge to the real world.
Rob Eifler
Chief Technical Officer and Founder

Rob is a pioneer in the field of educational technology. Technology Rob has created is used in over 50,000 schools today. His team built Defined STEM from the ground up, focusing on the ideal user experience for teachers in search of classroom resources and curriculum. As CTO of Defined Learning, Rob continues to provide creative, scaleable, and highly effective solutions for the K-12 classroom.
Joel Jacobson
Chief Operating Officer and Founder

With 20 years in educational media it is Joel's approach to utilization and creative marketing campaigns that drove the early adoption of United Streaming. As Defined Learning's Chief Operating Officer, it is Joel's goal to build and maintain strong customer relationships and provide thought leadership in identifying best practices in order to provide educators with the best possible experience.
David Reese
Chief Academic Officer

For 20 years, Dr. Reese has served K-12 students as a science teacher, Curriculum Specialist, and Central Office Administrator. He has taught Master's and Doctoral courses in all areas of curriculum and professional development leadership. His work has focused upon providing students with engaging, relevant learning opportunities designed to encourage students to apply content from a local, national and international perspective.
Patrick Irvine
Vice President

With over 15 years in video production and interactive media, Patrick has been at the forefront of the convergence between content and technology, specifically in the field of education media. Using his knowledge of postproduction, information management, and workflow analysis he has been responsible for developing and overseeing the creation and delivery of over 100,000 pieces of content to over 1,000,000 educators.

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