Quiz One

Part I - Character Matching

Match each character with his or her description by writing the correct letter on each line. YOU WILL USE SOME OF THE ANSWER CHOICES MORE THAN ONCE. YOU WILL NOT USE ALL THE ANSWER CHOICES.

1. _ Sampson
2. _ Romeo
3. _ Lady Capulet
4. _ Montague
5. _ Juliet
6. _ Paris
7. _ Prince Escalus
8. _ Gregory
9. _ Tybalt
10. _ Benvolio

a. Ruler of Verona
b. Relative of the Prince who wants to marry Juliet
c. Servant of the Capulets
d. Romeo's cousin; a lover of peace
e. Servant of the Montagues
f. Has a crush on Rosaline in Act I
g. Mother of Juliet
h. Juliet's cousin
i. Romeo's father
j. Juliet's father

Part II - The Globe Theatre Matching

Look at the diagram of the Globe Theatre. For each listed feature, write the correct letter from the diagram.

11. _ the trap door
12. _ the galleries
13. _ the entrance
14. _ the main stage
15. _ the open yard
16. _ the "heavens"
17. _ the brick foundation
18. _ the tiring house
19. _ the inner stage
20. _ the upper stage
21. _ the support pillars
22. _ the flag

Part IV - Literary Terms Matching

Match each literary term with the best definition from the list at the right. YOU WILL USE EACH ANSWER CHOICE ONCE.

23. _dynamic character
24. _ stage directions
25. _ drama
26. _ dialogue
27. _ round character
28. _ theme
29. _ foreshadowing
30. _ flashback
31. _ setting
32. _ mood
33. _ antagonist

a. takes the story back in time to recount events that happened before
b. the character who plays opposite the main character
c. the time and place of the story
d. a character who changes and develops throughout the story
e. notes that describe how a play is supposed to be performed
f. a play written to be performed by actors
g. the central message or insight into life revealed in a literary work
h. a conversation between characters
i. a character with many different traits
j. clues or hints that suggest what will happen later in the story
k. the feeling created in the reader

Part III - Multiple Choice

Choose the best answer to each question.

34. Which of the following best describes the punishments used during the Elizabethan Times?
a. The punishment usually fit the crime.
b. Punishments were not as hard or severe as they are now.
c. Punishments during Elizabethan times were cruel and torturous.
d. The only punishment used was beheading.

35. Which is NOT TRUE about food during Elizabethan Times?
a. Beer and wine were part of the breakfast meal.
b. People during Elizabethan times never ate sweets.
c. There were no refrigerators then, so people had to put a lot of salt in their meat and eat it like jerky.
d. Herring, sprats, beef, and mutton were common foods.

36. Which of the following accurately compares school during Elizabethan Times and our times?
a. The school day is much longer now than during Elizabethan times.
b. Now people believe that education must be "beaten into a child."
c. Now we let fewer girls go to school than they did during Elizabethan Times.
d. Saying prayers in school is less common now than during Elizabethan Times.

37. Look at the diagram at the right. Which arrow points to up stage?
a. Arrow #1
b. Arrow #2
c. Arrow #3
d. Arrow #4

38. Look at the diagram above. Which arrow points to stage left?
a. Arrow #1
b. Arrow #2
c. Arrow #3
d. Arrow #4

39. Why is Romeo upset during the first and second scenes of Romeo and Juliet?
a. He wishes his cousin Benvolio would spend more time with him.
b. He is in love with a woman who does not love him back.
c. He is in love with Juliet.
d. He is worried that his father will get sick and die.

40. What punishment does the Prince promise to deliver if the Capulets and the Montagues fight again?
a. The Prince will put the brank on all the women.
b. The Prince will use the thumbscrews on all the men.
c. Both families will have to complete 100 hours of community service.
d. The people who start the fight will be put to death.


In each row, one word is spelled correctly. Circle the correctly spelled word.

ROW ONE percieve achieve cheif nieghbor
ROW TWO weigh recieve feild yeild
ROW THREE neice releif decieve freight
ROW FOUR ceiling beleive vien greif
ROW FIVE breif concieve conceit retreive

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