Exam Study Guide

  1. What is theme?
2. What are some possible themes of Romeo and Juliet?
3. What is a drama?
4. What two things make up the script of a drama?
5. How does a drama illustrate its setting?
6. What is dialogue?
7. Name four reasons that writers use dialogue?
8. What is setting?
9. What was the setting of Romeo and Juliet?
10. How does the setting help set the mood of Romeo and Juliet?
    1. What is a flashback?
12. Why does a writer use flashbacks?
13. Name a time that a flashback was used in either the play we read or the movie we saw.
14. What is foreshadowing?
15. Why do writers use foreshadowing?
16. Name a time when foreshadowing was used in either the play we read or the movie we saw.
17. What are stage directions?
18. Name four things that stage directions describe?
19. How can a reader recognize stage directions in a script?
20. What is the protagonist?
21. What is the antagonist?
22. What is a round character?
23. What is a flat character?
24. What is a static character?
25. What is a dynamic character?
26. Name the antagonists in Romeo and Juliet.
27. Name the protagonists in Romeo and Juliet.
28. Name a round character in Romeo and Juliet.
29. Name a flat character in Romeo and Juliet.
30. Name a static character in Romeo and Juliet.
31. Name a dynamic character in Romeo and Juliet.
32. What is dialect?
33. What different types of dialect were used in the movie, Romeo and Juliet.
34. What is blank verse?
35. What is a soliloquy?
36. What is an aside?
37. Name a time when a character in Romeo and Juliet gave a soliloquy.
38. What does it mean to paraphrase something?
39. What is verbal irony?
40. Name and describe a time when verbal irony was used in Romeo and Juliet.
41. What is situational irony?
42. Describe how Shakespeare uses situational irony in Act I, scene 5, the party scene.
43. What is dramatic irony?
44. Name and describe a time when dramatic irony was used in Romeo and Juliet.
45. Love shows up in a lot of parts of Romeo and Juliet. Compare and contrast Romeo's love for Rosaline with Romeo's love for Juliet. Describe and discuss the love among the members of the Capulet family. (ESSAY QUESTION)
46. Which character or characters deserve the most blame for Romeo and Juliet's death? Explain your answer and defend it with examples from the play. (ESSAY QUESTION)
47. Be able to put the following events in order:
  1. Juliet refuses to marry Paris.
b. Juliet's funeral - she is laid in the family vault.
c. A melancholy Romeo walks under a grove of sycamore trees in the early morning mist.
d. Romeo fights with Tybalt and kills him.
e. Romeo and Juliet meet and swear their love for each other.
f. Mercutio and Tybalt fight, and Mercutio dies.
  1. The Friar gives Juliet a sleeping potion and explains how she can avoid marrying Paris.
  1. The Friar sends a message to Romeo telling him of his plan to save Juliet from marrying Paris.
  1. Romeo and Juliet spend the night together before Romeo leaves for Mantua.
  1. Romeo finds Juliet in the tomb and drinks the poison he has brought with him.
  1. Juliet's "dead" body is discovered.
l. The Montagues and Capulets fight in the city.
m. Juliet takes the sleeping potion.
n. The Nurse talks to Romeo and tells Juliet when she should meet him to get married.
o. Capulet holds a masked ball. Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time.
p. Romeo and Juliet are married by the Friar.
q. The Prince banishes Romeo.
r. Capulet agrees that Juliet will marry Paris on Thursday.
s. Juliet wakes up in the tomb, finds Romeo dead, and kills herself.
t. Romeo tells the Friar that he has fallen in love with Juliet.
48. Study your Elizabethan Culture notes and make sure you know a little something about each of the aspects of Elizabethan Culture.
49. Make sure you can identify each of the characters in Romeo and Juliet based on their relationships with other characters, personality traits, and actions.
50. Make sure you can label the parts of the Globe Theatre.
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