Romeo and Juliet

Teaching Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Five Paragraph Essay analyzing how the character flaws and actions of three different characters (not Fate!) cause Romeo and Juliet's tragic deaths. Scaffolded to that students must find and explain support for their conclusions, but do not have to formulate the thesis or organizational structure on their own. I'm using it to introduce students to the structure and format of a five paragraph literary analysis paper, and to save the time that would be needed for students to formulate and refine their own thesis and to create their own organizational structure.

I'm using 4 60-minute blocks to complete these - one for planning, one for writing body paragraphs, one for intro/conclusion, and one for slow students to catch up and every one else to finish a neat draft on loose leaf.

Reading the play, along with lessons on and ongoing discussion of character flaws and fate done before this paper.

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