In this lesson, students will explore the vice of injustice in this lesson on civic virtue. Students will examine Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney and the Dred Scott (1857) decision that instituted great injustice against African Americans by arguing that they cannot be citizens. A historical narrative, discussion guide, primary sources related to the majority decision and dissents in the Supreme Court case, and activities that guide students through analyzing the effect of injustice on constitutional principles and civil society.
Injustice: Roger Taney and Injustice - Essay
Discussion Guide 1
Excerpts From Majority and Dissenting Opinions
Discussion Guide 2
Injustice Worksheet
Implementation Guide
Defining Civic Virtue
What Is Virtue? – Historical and Philosophical Context
What Is Virtue? – Defining the Term
Clarifying Civic Virtue
Identifying and Defining Civic Virtues
Teacher’s Notes for Launching Heroes & Villains
Heroes & Villains Curricular Planning
Primary Source Activity: Benjamin Franklin and Civic Virtue
Answer Key
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