Sample Modules

Curriki- Open source modules created by teachers

MIT OpenCourseWare- MIT's class syllabus and activities available for free

Free University Project- Help with college credit by examination

The NSTA Learning Center- Packaged science units

Moodle- Module development, if your district has room on its server

EduBlogs- Free teacher and student blogs

iTunes U (within iTunes)

List of OpenCourseWare and Open Educational Resources

National Repository of Online Courses

Science Tools/Games

Scratch- MIT software to design games

Alice- MIT software to design 3D games

Skype- Video calling over the internet for free (to use for interviews, distance learning, etc.)

Gamestar Mechanic- NYU game designed to teach how to make better games

Science Content

Ohio Resource Center- Central location to find lessons and resources based on Ohio Academic Content Standards

Science Educational Council of Ohio (SECO)- The Ohio chapter of the National Science Teachers Association

Environmental Education Council of Ohio (EECO)- Environmental education links for teachers

National Geographic- Science resources

Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge- Environmental educational challenge

The Ohio Academy of Science- Information on student research and science days

Discovery Young Scientist Challenge- Science educational challenge by the Discovery Channel

Society for Science and the Public- Middle school student research

Discovery Science- Science homework help with basic information and background

Discovery Education- Classroom resources from the Discovery Channel

The Center for Environmental Education, Natural History and Conservation- Miami University

NASA- Resources for educators

Universal Education Search- Search by topic for educational resources compiled by creative commons

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence- Science resources by content area

The National Science Digital Library- Digital library with many resources

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