Language Arts Understanding by Design Lesson Plans


By Karen Morrison

This unit integrates writing, media/technology and economics via collaboration differentiation. The goal is to publish a niche newspaper solely focused on going green. The unit opens with an analysis of the power of persuasion by exposure and examples. Students will then be learning researching skills necessary as they read books & navigate through websites about how to be environmentally friendly. The research and essays written will become the articles in the newspaper, the foundation. Students will be invited to learn a basic understanding of the parts of a newspaper, applying for a job and how to persuade for positions based on strengths and skills. Staff meetings will be conducted and then the classroom will transform into a living and breathing newspaper company. Students will have different jobs, goals, activities all based on skill and choice. The teacher, as Director, manages and facilitates the production of the newspaper. The staff has a unified mission. Wages will be given daily based on productivity and work accomplished.

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