Students will create a 3-dimentional city out of recycled materials.


Lasting Ideas & Results:

Students will have a better understanding of sculpture, painting and installation art. They will also discover how to make art out of recycled materials.

Essential Question(s):

How can we as a class create a city from recycled materials?

Desired Learner Outcomes:

Students will be able to...
Students will know...
Build a sculpture of a city out of recycled materials.All the parts that make up a community.
Paint the details.When we put each of the students' pieces together we will have an entire city.


Creation & Performance:2.1, 2.2, .3, 2.4, Elements & Principles: 3.1, 3.2, Critique: 4.A.2, History & Culture: 5.B.1

Daily Engagement Activities:

Lesson Number Description of Activities
Day 1Students will brain storm the different parts of a community.
Day 2Students will start building their block.
Day 3Students will continue building.
Day 4Students will start painting, big areas first.
Day 5Students will complete their painting, mostly details.


Summative Assessment(s):

Describe Performance Tasks
Explain &/or Reference Criteria
Recycle city projectStudents will be assessed on both their sculpting and painting for both creativity, craftmanship and likelyness to the objects they are tring to create.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge & Skills:

Painting and sculpting background. Knowledge of recycling.


  1. On the first day we will discuss the important parts of a city and we will brainstorm them on the board (like fire station, food store, hospital, city hall, a park, etc.)
  2. Students will get a handout that askes them what they are going to make and reminds them to bring in recycled objects for homework.
  3. On the next 2 classes, the students will build their city pieces. They can glue and cut pieces on to their cardboard base. (If students cannot cut, they should raise their hand and I will do it with my big scissors). Also when they are glueing, if something isn't sticking they can ask me to hot glue it or use tape.
  4. Once the sculpting is complete I will prime all the projects because tempra paint will flake off of plastic and wax boxes if you don't prine it.
  5. The following class, students will paint their city starting with the big areas first.
  6. The following class, students will paint on the smaller details with small brushes on top of the base coat.
  7. On Earth Day the students will display their recycle city as an installation piece.

  • 12"x12" pieces of cardboard as a base
  • recycled materials: boxes, bottles, toilet paper rolls, egg crates, etc.
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tape
  • paint
  • brushes (variety of sizes)
  • hot glue gun (teacher only)
  • really sharp scissors or box cutter (for teacher only)
Modifications, Adaptations, & Accommodations:

Students who need more of a challenge can get into finer details.


This project is great to do around Earth Day and display at Earth Day.

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