Civics Curriculum

Lesson 2.4 Muslim Empire (Layered Curriculum Day 4)

Unit 5: Genocide

Medieval vs. Renaissance Art

? This is a unit that focuses on the Reconstruction Period (1865-1877). This topic of study takes places after the Civil War, so therefore, it is critical that students have a thorough understanding of the important terms, historical figures, and events that took place over this period of time. This course of study will include government policies that influence the social, economic, and political aspects of life for African-Americans during the Reconstruction period. In addition, students will be introduced to specific terms that will reinforce the essence of this topic- Why is accepting diversity important to sustaining our society? Racial discrimination was a key part of the hindrance of progress and growth of our nation during this time. The long-term effects were inequality, poverty, and social and political unrest.

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