SUBMITTER NAME: Terrie Teegarden

INSTITUTION: San Diego Mesa College


PHONE: 619-388-2399


Rounding, Arithmetic Operations and Exponentiation

MATH TYPE: Applications and Modeling

CONTEXT Classroom Activity


Multiplication and division of decimals, Rounding of decimals,
Area of a circle and the meaning of Pi

RESOURCE TYPE: Group Work, Homework, Take-Home Quiz, In-Class Activity

TIME REQUIRED: 30 minutes

CAPABILITY: Skill Building

MATERIALS: Menus from local pizza places are optional

DESCRIPTION: This lab allows students to practice their skills with the multiplication and division of decimals in a real world situation. Using a menu from a pizza house, students will determine the cost per unit area of the pizzas to determine the best buy. In addition they will decide whether it is better to buy the combo pizza or add toppings to a cheese pizza, and if it is a better deal to buy two medium pizzas or one extra large.

OBJECTIVES: Arithmetic operations with decimals


• Although the formula of a circle is given, the instructor might want to explain its use if the students have not seen it before.
• Since this is a pre- algebra activity, it is recommended that the students use 3.14 as an approximation for pi and do all the calculations by hand.

Follow Up/Discussion Questions:
• Students can repeat the activity using the menu from their favorite pizza place.

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