Project Based Learning (can provide students with choices):

-Create the best All-Star sports team for a sport of your choice.

-Who will win the next Super Bowl? World Cup? World Series? The Finals?

-Should college tuition be based on potential future earnings? Why or why not? Is this going to affect your career choice?

-How do you use your cell phone?

1. Have students submit their plan (design). The following are guiding questions the teacher can ask the students who need help:

-What is the problem?

-In your group, how will you handle absences?

-In your group, how will the work be divided?

-Which of the habits of mind will you be drawing upon?

-What is your time management plan?

-What resources to gather information are you going to use?

-What materials do you need?

-Who is your population? (make sure not biased)

-What is your sample size?

-How will you gather the data?

-How will you statistically display your data?

-Make a prediction on what your data will show

-You may use art, tech, writing to display your discovery. How will you present your data?

2. Gather data

3. Analyze data

-What is the story behind the graph (data)? What does your data tell you?

-How does your data help you make a decision? Take a stand?

-How can you apply your data to other situations?

4. Reflection: Which Habits of Mind ( did you use? (Thinking about their thinking)

Habits of Mind individual posters (

Habits of Mind summary sheet (

5. Presentation:

Need to have a written paper submitted

Provide parameters for presentation - length, format (PowerPoint?) Students need to walk through their process in their presentation.

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