Welcome to Hands-on Waves, Sound, and Light

The Hands-on Waves, Sound, and Light unit is a will help students understand the world around them through inquiry and hands-on experimentation.  The unit is structured around the lab work and in-class activities.  Many of the activities are inquiry based.  They attempt to allow students to discover the laws of science involved in the unit. Everything has been provided as a Word 1997-2004 .doc document for capatability.  The major concepts covered will be waveforms, measures of a wave, interference, reflection, standing waves, refraction, diffraction, Doppler shift, bow/shock waves, sound transmission, wave speed, loudness and pitch, resonance, beats, electromagnetic spectrum, speed of light, luminous bodies, transparent materials, color, pigments, shadows, polarization, mirrors, images, lenses, and the eyeball.

Sequence:  The unit would take 5-6 weeks, averaging 45 minutes a day if meeting 5 days/week.  If you are attempting these activiities at home, following the prescribed order would be recommended.

Skills to be Reinforced:

Communication: oral and written
Comprehension: listening and reading
Critical thinking
Experimentation: conducting, data analysis, design
Creating Tables
Unit conversions

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