Welcome to Project Based Pre-Algebra

Project Based Pre-Algebra unit is meant to provide supplemental support to a standard Pre-Algebra course.  The topics covered are typical to a standard Pre-Algebra course.  The projects are meant to connect the world of math to that of art. They will allow you to make connections that would not normally occur while completing problem sets. These projects follow the typical sequence of a standard 7th/8th grade Pre-Algebra course. The major concepts covered will be integers, equations, factors and fractions, rational numbers, ratios, proportions, percents, inequalities, functions, graphing, right triangles, and two-dimensional figures. These projects are to be used in conjunction with a standard Pre-Algebra curriculum.

Sequence:  The projects are listed and organized by the topics that they cover below.  The material assessed in each project will be revisited, but following the prescribed order would be recommended.


Skills to be Reinforced:

Fluency with Rational Numbers
Graphing and graphical analysis
Communication: oral and written
Comprehension: listening and reading
Critical thinking
Problem Solving

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