Project Description
Students are working on a unit about puppetry. This is one of the first activities to develop background knowledge about puppets. Big ideas in this section of the unit are the definition of puppets, the many types of puppets, puppetry as an ancient art form, and many countries have very old traditions in puppetry that remain an important part of their current cultures.

Student teams are assigned to a country to research their history in puppetry. Students need to find out how long puppetry has existed in their assigned country, what type of puppet is typical in that culture, when are they used (entertainment, religious or cultural celebrations, etc. ). Students will present their findings to the class. Included in the presentation must be the information as well as a world map showing the location of the country researched and pictures of puppets from that country.

The teacher should have a large world map posted in a prominent place in the classroom and should mark the countries as they are covered and add pictures of the puppets to the visual display. This will provide a culturally diverse display and help students track the presentations and information they are gathering.

The project is designed to be done in cooperative learning groups as character education components are embedded in this unit. The fact that the rubric assesses each group member independently is a deliberate attempt to ensure that all team members do their share of the work.

This is a project unit provided to classroom teachers of students with disabilities participating in our district high quality character education program called CHOICES 4-H. This program is an in-school partnership between Special School District and Missouri 4-H Youth Development. Teachers use the instructional unit as a supplemental instructional resource to communication arts curriculum framework grade level expectations.

Rubric Information
Rubric Title Puppets of the World Research Project
Rubric ID 1443077
Teacher Name Charlotte Nations
School Special School District of St. Louis County 
Subject Fine Arts
Grade 6-12

Project Includes

This project meets Missouri State performance standards for using technology and other resources for research and the application of information from these resources as well as standards for planning and making oral and visual presentations and presenting perceptions and ideas regarding works of art. These are Missouri performance standards goals 1:2,4 and 2: 1,4. Also met in this project are the Missouri Communication arts grade level expectations for Information Literacy in all grades. It also meets the following National Standard for Theatre: Describe and compare universal characters and situations in drama from and about various cultures and historical periods. 


Teacher Tips

This is a brand new unit and will not be completed until April 2008.
I love RubiStar. I frequently use this site to develop assessment tools for my teachers using our district instructional units for CHOICES 4-H. The teachers can then use this evaluative information to report on IEP goals or report cards.

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