Learning Experience 5: Texture



For each student:

Student Activity Sheet for Learning Experience 5

Paper bags

Common objects from classroom such as student scissors, teacher scissors, crayon, stapler, chalkboard eraser

Common objects from the schoolyard such as a leaf, rock, grass, stick, unused piece of chalk

For the class:

Property word chart from learning experience 1


Read the background information in the Properties Teacher’s Manual. (Please see PDF) Take students on an object hunt around the classroom or schoolyard. Collect manmade objects and natural objects such as leaves, rocks, grass, and sticks. While students are finding their object, distribute one paper bag to each student. Make sure each student keeps their object hidden from other students so the other students do not see what might be in the paper bag.

Basic Skills Development:






Evaluation Strategy:

Students will find an object to put in their paper bag and exchange that paper bag for another. Each student will then describe to other students words that describe what they feel in the paper bag.






Objective: Students will take turns describing hidden objects according to their properties. Each object has a specific texture.

What is in the bag?

After the bags have been exchanged, have students reach in their paper bag without looking inside and describe to the class what they feel using some of the property words previously discussed and written on the word chart.

Other students in the classroom are to try and identify the object from the student’s description.

After the object has been identified, have the students draw and describe with words the object that was in their bag on the Student Activity Sheet for Learning Experience 5.

Discussion Questions:

Did any of the objects seem hard to describe?

Which objects were the easiest to describe? Why?

Did you find any new property words to add to the word chart?


Color, shape, and size may be reviewed at this time. Have students examine the objects from the classroom or schoolyard for these properties. New words for color, shape, size, and texture may be added to the property word chart as a result of this learning experience.

STUDENT ACTIVITY SHEET for Learning Experience 5



Draw the object that was in your bag.

New Texture Words

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