Air: the elastic, invisible mixture of gases that surrounds the earth; atmosphere.

Evaporate: when a liquid changes to a gas.

Float: when an object can rest at the top of a liquid.

Form: the shape or outline of anything; structure, excluding color, texture, and density.

Gas: the fluid form of a substance in which it can expand indefinitely; form neither liquid or solid vapor.

Liquid: readily flowing; fluid

Melt: when a solid changes into a liquid.

Object: something that is capable of being seen, touched, or otherwise sensed. All solids, liquids, and gases are objects. A gas, such as air, while it may not be seen, can be sensed when placed in a balloon or bubbled through water.

Property: attribute, feature, aspect trait, characteristic, or essential quality of a living or non-living thing. Examples: color, texture, shape, and size of a living or non-living thing.

Rhomboid: a parallelogram with oblique angles and opposite sides equal.

Shape: physical form of an object.

Sink: when an object falls to the bottom of the liquid it is in and does not float.

Solid: an object that has a definite shape of its own, but can sometimes be changed.

Texture: how the surface of an object looks or feels.

Water vapor: water changes to a gas.

Weight: how heavy/light an object is.

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